Legends Gold

Legends Gold Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
800 grams per square meter
Flowering Period
8 - 10 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Cheese, Hushish, Pungent, Sweet, Spicy

Where To Buy Legends Gold Marijuana Seeds

Legends Gold Marijuana Seeds Information

Created by Big Buddha Seeds, Legends Gold is an indica-dominant cross of Pot of Gold and Big Buddha Cheese. Thickly stuffed buds are lime green in shading with wispy light orange pistils. Legends Gold is a very much reproduced tribute to narcotic cannabis. A couple more puffs, and you are taken on an adventure that only the best indicas can convey. Legends Gold is also a feminized cannabis variety from the two classic Old School strains.

What are the flavors and effects of Legends Gold?

The flavors of Legends Gold are cheese, hashish, pungent, sweet, and spicy. Its fragrances and flavors are exceptional for their contacts of new Charas-type hashish with notes of sandalwood blended with a rich, creamy cheese base from its Cheese parent. Its impact is fully Indica in all manners, a relaxing body effect with a dependable and pleasant hallucinogenic touch.

What are the Medical Benefits of Legends Gold?

This strain has to cure and relaxing body effect and has a long-lasting impact. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Legends Gold

The Legends Gold is to make the users experience being a couch lock.

How to Grow Legends Gold?

Legends Gold is a short plant; cultivators incline towards growing the strain in a predictable condition somehow. It can also be cultivated indoors. This strain produces a normal yield when being delicately taken care of but cultivators have claimed that it is not that difficult to grow this strain, from beginner to expert, a good harvest will come out if they exert a little effort.

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