Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
9 to 13%
Outdoor - high, Indoor- medium
Flowering Period
14 to 16 weeks
Warm and outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Spicy, sweet, Tea, Herbal, Earthy

Where To Buy Malawi Gold Marijuana Seeds

Malawi Gold Marijuana Seeds Information

Coming from the region of Africa, Malawi Gold is one of the foundational landraces of cannabis. Known for its stimulating effects, this Cannabis strain remains to be one of the most native and purest Sativa, which most breeders like. Malawi remains to be classic in terms of its physical features and even its adaptability to weather. Cured through the banana leaf, this strain offers THC content in moderation, making it an excellent choice both for medical and recreational uses.

Giving energy and uplifting your spirit, Malawi Gold promises no paranoia effect. Loaded with the combination of many flavors and aromas, Malawi Gold has been chosen by many marijuana users, especially in smoking. Its classic looks and taste make the Malawi Gold as one of the greatest mythic buds.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Malawi Gold?

Malawi Gold is not just classic physically, but it also offers classic flavors. Ranging from flavors of tea, blended with sweet and spicy earthy flavors, this classic strain is no wonder one of the top favorites of many. Since Malawi Gold has moderate potency, a slight euphoric effect is evident. It remains one of the top choices for invigorating spirit, leaving users the focus and sense of motivation they need.

What are the medical benefits of Malawi Gold?

Other than recreation, Malawi Gold remains famous among users is because of its medical uses. This cannabis strain is an excellent choice for the treatment of fatigue, depression, nausea, and even stress. It can also help you with boosting your appetite. Before starting your day or after a tiring one, Malawi Gold will help you get soaked in freshness and revitalizing spirit.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Malawi Gold?

Even though this strain offers moderate THC content, Malawi Gold has adverse effects too. Aside from dry eyes, you might feel hungry and thirsty after using this strain. Because of its cerebral flushing effect, it might cause paranoia for users who have a lower tolerance to THC.

How to Grow Malawi Gold?

Growing Malawi Gold might be a challenging task for many growers. Even though it can withstand outside weather, growers may face many challenges along with its growing phase. Fact that it has a long flowering period, one must keep an eye on the weeds all the time. This is because problems may arise during a long flowering period for most cannabis strains. On the other hand, despite being tall, indoor growing is still possible with Malawi Gold. However, pruning and trimming are necessary for indoor growing because of their height. Most outdoor growers use the traditional growing technique for Malawi Gold. Many preferred pollination methods for the reason of gene pooling. This method will also ensure to keep the quality and potency preserved.

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