5 Marijuana Strains for Hydromyelia


Hydromyelia is a type of condition that causes abnormal widening of the spinal cord’s central canal. It usually is small, and once it widens, it can create cavities that are called the syrinx. The cerebrospinal fluid or CSF will gather and will put some pressure through the spinal cord that causes damage to the nerves. The most common area in which that cavity may build-up is in the neck. This condition doesn’t always cause symptoms, but once it progresses, it can show different types of symptoms. It includes pain in the neck and arms, stiffness through the leg, muscle weakness, and loss of feeling in arms and hands.

Hydromyelia Overview

It primarily affects children with brain-related defects upon birth. The condition may also affect people of all races and ethnicities as its occurrence is difficult to determine. Estimates suggested that this condition affects 1 in 1,300 to 1 in 18,000 people in the US.

Although there are traditional treatments for this condition, it also comes with potential risks. One treatment for helping patients with this condition is using cannabis. It doesn’t cure the disease itself, but it can help reduce and relieve its symptoms. However, for treating this condition, choosing the right strain is also necessary and essential. Well, each individual does respond differently to different types of strain. So, here are five marijuana strains that can help relieve the symptoms of Hydromyelia.

Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain

This strain is known for its sweet aromas of fresh wild strawberries that can make even seasonal users cough. The Strawberry Cough strain is a Sativa-dominant with THC levels that can up to 16% to 21%. It is created through the crossing of Strawberry Fields and Haze strains. It is also known as the Sweet Escape due to its effects that can make users in a state of couch-lock. The strain induces a positive and happy cerebral high that energizes both mind and body. It also promotes giggles, talkativeness, and chattiness, as well as social behavior.

The strain can also help those with Hydromyelia patients, helping them relieve their pains, especially in arms and legs. If the patients have difficulties in their sleep due to pain, it can also help them due to its strong sedative properties. It may also boost their energy, alleviating the weakness around their arms or hands. The strain may also reduce inflammation due to the pain caused by the symptoms of this condition.

TrainWreck Marijuana Strain

TrainWreck doesn’t get its name for no reason at all. Its mind-blowing effects will surely hit users like a train for a couple of hits. TrainWreck strain is a Sativa-dominant strain created through a three-way crossing of 2 Sativa and 1 Indica strain. It came from a Mexican and Thai Sativa strains paired with the Afghani Indica strain. The strain has an 18% to 25% THC levels and 80:20 Sativa / Indica ratio. The effects of this strain can provide a sense of creativity, energy, uplifting, and happy and positive thoughts.
The strain can help ease the symptoms of Hydromyelia as it can provide pain relief to the patients with this condition. The strain can help them ease their muscles, including in arms, shoulders, and legs. There are also cases that anxiety and depression can be present to the patients with this condition. For those reasons, the strain can also help lessen the levels of depression and anxiety disorders.

Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain

It is an award-winning Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that won 1st place in High Times Hydro Cup ’97, ’98, and ’99. The strain was created through the crossing of Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze strains. The strain has a 23% THC levels with 80:20 Sativa / Indica ratio. The strain’s high can be instant, long-lasting, and cerebral that also offers a sense of creativity and energy. Super Silver Haze can also provide medical benefits aside from its traditional recreational use.

The strain is known to provide muscle relief, which can help ease the pain from the symptoms of Hydromyelia. As the strain can provide a boost of energy, it can also help patients to move their muscles normally, especially in arms and legs. It can also lessen the levels of depression and anxiety, which are also linked to the condition.

Remedy Marijuana Strain

It is a high-CBD Indica-dominant hybrid strain with 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. Remedy strain consists of exaggerating 18% CBD with only 1% THC. It is made through the crossing of insanely popular Cannatonic and Afghani Skunk strains. The strain is sought for its medical purposes and uses, making it one of the best medical cannabis strains on the date. The strain’s effects can provide a sense of focus, relaxing, sleepy, and happy and positive thoughts.

As its name suggested, it can genuinely help those patients with Hydromyelia. Remedy strain can provide pain relief, helping their muscles to relax as well as reduce inflammation. It can also provide sleep if users have problems due to the pain they feel. They will also be energized when they start to use this strain, providing them to regain their energy on their arms and shoulders. It can also help them relax their mind, especially those who are having anxiety and depression due to this condition.

Kosher Kush Marijuana Strain

It is an award-winning Pure Indica strain from Los Angeles, California. Kosher Kush strain won 3-straight in High Times Cannabis Cup in the Best Indica category from 2010 to 2012. It was created through the crossing of OG Kush and Kosher strains. The strain is equipped with potent effects as its THC levels exceed up to 22% to 25%. The effects induce heavy sedation with complete body relaxation that can also be helpful for the patients.

The strain can help reduce the pain due to the symptoms of the condition. It may also reduce the levels of depression and anxiety, which are also associated with the condition. Patients who have difficulties in their sleep due to the pain can also benefit this strain as it can help them relax and fall asleep.

Those adults who have these symptoms of Hydromyelia can benefit those strains listed above. As said earlier, it doesn’t cure the condition itself but can provide relief for its symptoms. However, those who have kids with Hydromyelia need to consult doctors first as they don’t want their kids to smoke. They can also get different kinds of medical cannabis products for their kids. It may include edibles, oils, tinctures, and other topical applications.

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