Monkey Bread 1

Monkey Bread #1 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
30 - 32%
3.45 oz per square feet
Flowering Period
60 - 65 days
Mediterranean, Hot
Growing Difficulty
Up to 96 inches
Nutty, Chocolate, Sugary, Sweet, Spicy

Where To Buy Monkey Bread #1 Marijuana Seeds

Monkey Bread #1 Marijuana Seeds Information

It is a hybrid strain created by Certified Portland and it is considered an excellent, rare Indica. It’s a blend of Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies and Grease Monkey. You will love its sweet scent that brings the relaxing body effect. The aroma is composed of Dutch cocoa, peaches, hash, and earthiness along with vanilla overtone. You can’t only enjoy this as a recreational weed but as a medicinal aid too.

It’s suitable for evening use. The flowers of this strain are shaped like a bullet and round. They’re solid and average in size. It has a very high THC percentage of up to 32%.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Monkey Bread #1?

It is a delicious strain as it tastes nutty, sweet, spicy, sugary and it’s like chocolate. It delivers a high that has easiness and calmness that can doze you off. Before the energy tapers off, you’ll be talkative.

What are the Medical Benefits of Monkey Bread #1?

It’s the weed for appetite loss as it sets in hunger. It can treat stress, tension, and other mental ailments. It also handles chronic pain, muscle spasms, and other discomforts.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Monkey Bread #1

It gives its consumers dry eyes and cottonmouth. You will be overwhelmed and experience a pronounced effect if you don’t have a high tolerance.

How to Grow Monkey Bread #1?

Growers who aspire to grow this strain must secure its clippings. You have the choice to plant it indoors and outdoors in a hot climate. The plants can be exposed to cold temperatures to attain the purple color.

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