Monolith Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 - 10 weeks
Dry, warm
Growing Difficulty
Dank, Hash, Earthy, Musky, Pungent Pine, Sweet

Where To Buy Monolith Marijuana Seeds

Monolith Marijuana Seeds Information

It is one of the most popular pure Indica. It has Afghan roots that are known since the eighties. It can fill a room with its odor that is earthy, herbaceous, and stinky sweet. It’s quite potent so consumers should be careful with the dose that they take. You don’t want to be overwhelmed or experience pronounced negative effects.  It is best consumed in the evening and at night. This smoke is smooth and long-lasting. It is also well-known in the medical marijuana community. It produces beautiful buds that are covered with plenty of trichomes and resin.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Monolith?

The prominent things in its flavor are dank and hash. Earthy, musky, sweet and pungent pine taste is also present. The high begins with enhancing your mood and calms you down with a hazy mind. The body buzz creeps and it will make you sedative and couch-lock. Hunger will suddenly be persistent so have munchies beside you.

What are the Medical Benefits of Monolith?

You can depend on it to treat appetite loss. It has soothing properties for chronic pain, spasm, cramps, tension, and other discomforts. It minimizes the symptoms of mental ailments like anxiety, depression, and stress.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Monolith

This strain leaves you with dry mouth and red, irritated eyes. They are just minor adverse effects that can be reversed by hydration.

How to Grow Monolith?

It’s critical to provide the preferred environment of this strain. When you plant it indoors, you can control the temperature and humidity. When you prefer outdoor plantation, dry and warm surrounding is best for this plant. A responsible grower should supply the plants with the right amount of water and nutrients.

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