Cannabis Moon Rocks: What Are They and How Are They Used?

moon rocks

Cannabis moon rocks are by far one of the most classy ways to consume potent weed, and for a respectable cause. Cannabis moon rocks are the most strong approach to consume weed combined with high levels of THC content. Moon rocks are one of the best ways to enjoy and get hit like a moving train.

What are cannabis moon rocks? This comes to mind especially if you are new in the cannabis scene, but sooner or later you’ll notice moon rocks as you are introduced to the types and ways on how to consume cannabis. Plus, you can’t just treat cannabis moon rocks like your typical cannabis joint, you should always prepare yourself before smoking moon rocks. So, what are cannabis moon rocks? We’ll discuss what are cannabis moon rocks and how are they used.

What are Cannabis Moon Rocks?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, cannabis moon rocks are the type of marijuana consumables that should not be underestimated. Cannabis moon rocks are a potent type of marijuana that isn’t for the faint-hearted, they are specially made for cannabis connoisseurs and seasoned veterans to enjoy. It is a way for elevating your cannabis experience and enjoy what cannabis potency has to offer.

If you are smoking regular cannabis, then most likely you are going for a different experience when smoking moon rocks. So, if it’s your first time trying moon rocks, then we highly advise having some extra snacks, friends, and good music to chill on as you are bound to have some otherworldly experience when having one.

The history of moon rocks started with the famous rapper, Kurupt. He was a famous rapper back in the early 90s and signed a deal from the famous Death Row records. Along with his partner, Dr. Zodiak, moon rocks were formed. Originally, it was named Dr. Zodiak’s Moon rocks but later was taken off. It’s worth noting that almost all moon rocks are made with the same materials and recipe, it only depends on the strain used.

Also, the potency and quality of your moon rocks are highly dependent on the strain used when making moon rocks. As they say, the more potent that marijuana strain is, the harder it will hit you. Some shady suppliers hide their low-quality marijuana under their kief keeping users unaware of how poorly made these are. That’s why it is important to get your cannabis moon rocks from a reputable marijuana dispensary. In some cases, cannabis moon rocks can be made in the comfort of your home.

How to make Cannabis Moon rocks?

Aside from smoking it, making cannabis moon rocks is the best part. It is one of the best ways to combine your favorite potent weed strain and flavorful extracts along with a hefty amount of kief. Plus, making it saves you lots of money as we’ve mentioned earlier that cannabis moon rocks are quite expensive compared to your typical joint.

Since you are making it in your home, you can easily alter the potency and flavors according to your liking. Making moon rocks aren’t intended for beginners, it is purely made to satisfy cravings of cannabis connoisseurs who are looking to add some spice to their cannabis adventures.

As a result, moon rocks are made for their potency alone, flavor, and once again, as much as potency they could get. Moreover, Indica dominant or pure Indica strains are the key ingredients as Indica are known to have high THC content. However, as we say, it is according to your liking on how you make your moon rocks.

If you are making high-quality weed, then most likely you will be needing the help of a reputable dispensary who offers topnotch quality strains that are highly potent. You’ll also want clean, and potent extracts to add to a more dazzling array of high-quality produced moon rock.

Before we start, it is important to list the things that you will be needing to make your first cannabis moon rocks.

Materials needed:

  • A high-quality and potent strain of Cannabis nugs
  • Concentrate
  • Kief
  • Butter knife
  • Tongs and gloves

Now, let’s start the most exciting part. First, you’ll want to grab your fresh cannabis nugs, make sure that they aren’t dried or cured already so they won’t easily fall apart. The next part is to have your kief set aside inside a jar.

Next, you’ll need to add your favorite concentrate on the butter knife, if your concentrate has the right consistency, it won’t easily stick to buds or else you’ll have to heat your butter knife.

Get a lighter and run it back and forth at the bottom of the knife, make sure that you have already placed your concentrate on top of it. Running it through at a rapid pace should not let the concentrate evaporate easily. If you smell something like a burning leaf, pull the lighter away from the knife.

Once your oil has melted, use silicone gloves to avoid burning and still maintaining all the ingredients inside, now grab the nugs. After that, spread the oil all over the nuggets. Make sure that every single piece of nugs is coated with the oil.

Finally, take your freshly-soaked bud and dunk it in the jar where you placed your kief. make sure that every bit nuggets are covered in kief. if you can hardly notice your nuggets, then proceed to the next best step which is, Smoking!

How should you smoke moon rocks?

Now that you’ve made your first cannabis moon rocks, it’s time to learn how to smoke these high-quality moon rocks. Like we warned you earlier, they are some of the most potent ways to smoke cannabis. Be sure to have everything lined up like snacks, water, and a good set of chill music, you should be accompanied by an expert smoker to give you an idea on how to smoke one.

Now, before we get started and smoking your way off, be sure to keep yourself hydrated and be sure you aren’t hungry as hell. Lastly, be sure to smoke in a place where it’s chill and cozy enough, make sure there’s plenty of space and is not too restricting. When smoking, when you get overly high, remember that no one has died from it, and you should expect that you will be dozing your way of.

When it comes to actual smoking, you shouldn’t regard them as typical cannabis flowers. Do not use grinders nor rolling papers, it will just be a sticky ride when smoking one. Before smoking, it is essential to turn them into bits until you can smoke them in short hits.

When smoking moon rocks, the best way to do it is through an empty bowl or bong, keeping them lit with a lighter. Once you have shredded your moon rocks into tiny little pieces, you can easily load them up and smoke them onto the bowl or bong. Beware that if you’ve never had moon rocks before, you are sure to have a trip of a lifetime.

Moon rocks

Moon rocks provide an enjoyable and creative way of smoking different products from cannabis. One of the key elements to enjoy for cannabis moon rock experience is to have it with a group of friends, easily one of the enjoyable things in the world while getting high. Always remember that moon rocks are as potent as they come, be sure to have yourself prepared for the train wreck!


Moon rock is a great way to experience some devastatingly potent weed. it should be noted that this marijuana product contains some of the most hard-hitting highs you’ll experience. Be sure to be prepared at all times and keep yourself hydrated.

Lastly, marijuana use in parts of the world has gone rampant due to their psychoactive and health benefits. But always do note that they are highly exploitable. Be sure to use it for medicinal and recreational purposes only.

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