North Indian

North Indian Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
10 to 12 oz/sq. m
Flowering Period
56-70 days
Cool Climate
Growing Difficulty
Tropical, Woody, Pine, Earthy

Where To Buy North Indian Marijuana Seeds

North Indian Marijuana Seeds Information

North Indian strain refers to the primitive varieties of cannabis or landraces that originate in the North India region.

The nugs of these strains are lumpy and dark that is accented by a range of colorful hairs. The buds are a large, sticky mixture of light and dark greens along with dark leaves and a rainbow of amber hairs. Most users suggested this strain for evening use.

What are the Flavors and Effects of North Indian strains?

North Indian strains are known sweet and fruity flavor that tastes like tropical drinks along with a refreshing case of woody pine. When exhaled, it induces an herbal spice emphasized by a hint of wet soil or earthy aftertaste. North Indian is a kind of strain that is called by many a “slow starter” that is not so noticeable. It induces a subtle mental uplift that exacerbates minutes after the first inhale. It gives users so much happiness. It can make users creative as thoughts start to rumble and flow nicely into a range of wonderful ideas. It offers mental stimulation that carries a nervous appetite as added to the brainstorming session. Most users said this strain is difficult to manage. Its uplifting buzz makes them calming and intensely sedating.

What are the Medical Benefits of North Indian strains?

Most Native Indians utilize cannabis strains for thousands of years in their healing rituals. The cerebral high it induces can enhance the mood and stabilize turbulent feelings. Its calming effects on the mind can control depression and other mental problems temporarily. It also provides essential relief from a variety of pains and aches. It has antiemetic properties that stop smokers from vomiting or nausea since it relaxes the muscles in the stomach. Lastly, it can be used by people with insomnia.

Negative Effects you can Expect from North Indian Strains

North Indians mostly experience dryness both in the eyes and in the mouth of the smokers. It is because this strain interferes with the generation of moisture in the tear ducts and as well as salivary glands, and it makes users dehydrated.

How to Grow North Indian Strains?

North Indian strains are quite easy to handle. This plant sprouts naturally. Most of the strains in North India can be found in Himachal Pradesh. It grows short and bushy, and definitely sturdy along with excellent immunity against colds, humidity, and pests.

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