OG 1 Kenobi

OG 1 Kenobi Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 to 23%
Flowering Period
7 to 9 weeks
Sub-tropical climate
Growing Difficulty
Hash and Peppery

Where To Buy OG 1 Kenobi Marijuana Seeds

OG 1 Kenobi Marijuana Seeds Information

With a mysterious breeder, OG 1 Kenobi is most probably a back-cross of OG Kush. Often mistaken for Skywalker OG, it gives off an aroma of peppery hashy herbs. The buds have conical dark green fluffy leafy nugs with twisty amber pistils and beautiful dark purple and rich gold undertones. These nugs are blanketed in a sheet of white trichomes with sweet sticky resin.

What are the Flavor and Effects of OG 1 Kenobi?

OG 1 Kenobi is a blended memorable taste of harsh peppery hash with a smooth end on the exhale.

Recommended to be used as nighttime marijuana, its effects are both potent and long-lasting. You’ll feel an immediately uplifting euphoric effect that leaves you stimulated, energetic, and creative. Next, come relaxation and a pain-free relief that ends in a deep couch-lock and a night of peaceful sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of the OG 1 Kenobi strain?

OG 1 Kenobi is an effective pain-killer and muscle relaxant. Thus, it is perfect for patients who suffer from chronic pain, nausea, and neuropathy.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from OG 1 Kenobi.

Negative reactions are common to OG 1 Kenobi users. Dryness of eyes may cause red eyes. Dry mouth may also occur. As a remedy, it is best to hydrate before, during, and after smoking the bud. A good eye moisturizer drop can also be helpful in soothing those irritated eyes.

Greening out is also possible when using this strain. Dizziness, along with anxiety, may happen in rare cases. Overconsumption is to blame. To avoid this, remember to take responsibly.

How to Grow OG 1 Kenobi?

As it requires very little attention, OG 1 Kenobi is an easy plant to cultivate.  It survives both an indoor or outdoor environment. It likes a sub-tropical climate. It is short and bushy in appearance. It has high resilience to weather changes and strong winds. One thing aspirant growers have to keep in mind is that it requires constant pruning to allow better light and air circulation throughout the plant.

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