Outer Space

Outer Space Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
9 to 10 weeks
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Average to tall
Sweet, vanilla, citrus, fruity, berry

Where To Buy Outer Space Marijuana Seeds

Outer Space Marijuana Seeds Information

A real strain for “outgoers”! Outer Space is more than a powerful name; she is also a potent strain many cannabis lovers are addicted to. A product of crossing Island Sweet Skunk and the potent weed Trinity, Outer Space is a Sativa dominant cannabis boasting a rich lineage from her ancestors.

She is so refreshing with her citrus aroma. Outer Space may have a Sativa dominance yet her dense-packed buds and its coiled leaves show her Indica side. While this weed offers a typical physical feature, its potency and effects are what many cannabis lovers like the most. Suitable to use during the daytime, Outer Space deserves to be part of your choice.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Outer Space?

Not only a distinct name but this lady also has distinct flavors. With vanilla sweetness and fruity like berry flavor and a balancing taste of citrus, Outer Space is quite delectable to the palate. Her flavors were suitably alike to blend with each other creating a great taste in every session.

More than being delicious, one of the traits Outer Space can boast is her effects. Her long-lasting euphoric effect is loved by many cannabis users for it energizes them with a sense of motivation and creativity. Outer Space is a total choice for having many works ahead or if you have some important projects to do. More than that, the cerebral effect of this marijuana makes you sociable, happy and focused.

What are the medical benefits of Outer Space?

If you had tiresome days and you feel like you’re already worn out, Outer Space is good for you. This cannabis plant is an effective antidepressant and also efficient when it comes to coping with stress. While she is also a good antidote to bipolar disorders and ADHD, Outer Space is also recommended for chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, and insomnia. Since this lady is able to give a long list of medications, you don’t have to battle your ailments anymore, Outer Space will help you go through it while enjoying every session with her.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Outer Space

Aside from having dry eyes and cottonmouth as negative effects, Outer Space may also cause paranoia, panic, and anxiety. These adverse effects of Outer Space should not be undermined since she has a high amount of THC and these feelings usually last long.

How to Grow Outer Space?

Growing Outer Space is neither easy nor difficult. While she thrives both in an outdoor and indoor growing environment, this marijuana also requires proper care, plenty of sunlight, and enough nutrients to grow. More than that, Outer Space is a rare strain and it might be difficult for most of the growers to find her seeds. If you’re lucky enough to have one, make sure to give your lad a tender, loving, and caring growing period to make sure that she will boost and produce a high yield during her harvest season.

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