Pakistan Valley Kush

Pakistan Valley Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
1.35 ounces per square feet
Flowering Period
45 to 55 days
Cool Climate
Growing Difficulty
Fruity and Sweet

Where To Buy Pakistan Valley Kush Marijuana Seeds

Pakistan Valley Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

Pakistan Valley Kush is a wild landrace strain that hails from the Hindu Kush mountain range of North Pakistan. It exudes a very sweet-smelling and pleasant aroma. The fluffy buds have dense dark green nugs covered in shining resinous crystals.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Pakistan Valley Kush?

Pakistan Valley Kush is a wonderful concoction of sweet and fruity flavors.

It’s cerebral high induces mellow euphoria followed by a potent body high. A buzzing starts after the first few inhales and then a calming state descends. It will make you lazy and prone to sleep therefore you should not take this if you have got lots of things to do in mind. Highly sedative, it is potent nighttime marijuana.

What are the Medical Benefits of the Pakistan Valley Kush Strain?

Pakistan Valley Kush is a marijuana strain capable of treating chronic pain, insomnia, and migraines. Indica leaning, it makes you numb, sedated and ready to slumber. It is a proven analgesic and muscle relaxant.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pakistan Valley Kush.

Negative reactions are common to Pakistan Valley Kush users. You may experience greening out. This is characterized by dizziness along with anxiety. This rarely happens and should not cause you to worry. Just put in mind not to smoke too much of what is tolerated.

Dryness of eyes and dry mouth may also occur. As an easy remedy, drink lots of fluids to mitigate the effects. Use an artificial tear drop to help you with the dry eyes.

How to Grow Pakistan Valley Kush?

Pakistan Valley Kush survives both an indoor or outdoor setting. It loves a cool climate. It is short and shrubby. It has long lateral branches. Occasional pruning and trimming are necessary to allow better air and light circulation. It also lessens the chances of mildew formation.

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