Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
13 to 22%
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
63 days
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Grapefruit, citrus, herbal, pine, spicy, sweet

Where To Buy Pandora’s Box Marijuana Seeds

Pandora’s Box Marijuana Seeds Information

Unlike her name which is known in the old school myth, Pandora’s Box is not something about opening the box to release ills with so little hope in it. This cannabis strain is a total contrast to the said myth as it offers great feelings among cannabis users. Created by Subcool’s The Dank, Pandora Box is the daughter strain of Jack the Ripper and Space Queen. It is an indica dominant marijuana boasting potency and good quality both in the medicinal and recreational areas in the marijuana world.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Pandora’s Box?

More than a magical name, Pandora’s Box has flavors of grapefruits with herbal and pine punches. She is a sweet marijuana though but the spiciness kicks in every smoke balancing the overall taste. Her combination of great flavors makes every smoking session an enjoyable meal with a delicious course.

The potency of Pandora’s Box has been remembered as happy and giggly yet there’s more, some users claimed to have momentary loss of thoughts taking a bit of time before going back to reality. Giving an instant cerebral stimulation with just a few smokes, this marijuana plant has a total effect that beginners may find odd on the first try.

What are the medical benefits of Pandora’s Box?

As this cannabis strain is known for its potency, its instant effect in the body gives advantages to some medications as well. Pandora’s Box is highly recommended for people suffering from stress-related problems which may include depression and fatigue. Its quick cerebral effect gives way to immediate relaxation that patients highly need. Aside from that, Pandora’s Box is recommended as a relief to chronic pain brought by arthritis, glaucoma, and headaches.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Pandora’s Box?

Like any other potent strains, Pandora’s Box has adverse effects too. These include dry eyes and dry mouth which is very common to any marijuana with a high amount of THC. In addition, novice users are also advised to take precautions with this weed for it might cause paranoia, dizziness, and headache if taken in a higher dosage. People with a lower tolerance of THC will likely have these adverse effects.

How to Grow Pandora’s Box?

When it comes to her growing techniques, Pandora’s Box suits both indoor and outdoor. However, expert growers recommended techniques like topping and bounding to increase the yield of this weed. Though it is not difficult to grow Pandora’s Box, the right technique and enough knowledge is also a must. Growers must give her a suitable growing area with enough nutrients to let her grow vigorously. Pandora’s Box is known to have a higher yield and in order to realize it, every grower, novice, or experienced are advised to give proper care to this lad during the whole growing process.

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