Popcorn Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
500-550gram square meter.
Flowering Period
7 - 9 weeks 
Warm and Slightly Arid Environment
Growing Difficulty
100-130 centimeter
Sweet, Lemon and Bubble Gum 

Where To Buy Popcorn Kush Marijuana Seeds

Popcorn Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

Often mistaken with “popcorn nugs, this strain is an indica dominant hybrid whose parentage remains unknown until this day. It has small sized buds with a medium concentration of THC level and low CBD content. This cannabis is not famous among weed fans because of its high sedative effects. 

With a physical feature like that of the kernel, and having a fluffy green cola, and sugary leaves. Additionally, it has a sticky, thick pistils coating with whitish trichomes which is found on its flowers. This cannabis will leave you with the scent of berries, fruit and cheese, with a special kind of flavour which is unique of an indica dominant hybrid. Aromas that this powerful strain will offer you are blueberry, grapefruit, cheese and buttered popcorn. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of the Popcorn Kush?

This strain has an uplifting, relaxing, and energizing effect which will help you get over any mood changes. With flavours of sweet, lemon, and bubble gum flavours it will leave you with a forgettable aftertaste making you consume more than you can control. Its euphoric effect is what you need on a moody day as a few sessions from this powerful hybrid will automatically drive out any negative feeling that might come your way. This hybrid will increase your creative mind while making sure that you are focused on it. Strong sedative effects follow after a large dose.

 What are the medical benefits of the Popcorn Kush?

This hybrid has great medicinal potency in the treatment of mood-related illnesses such as Seasonal affectionate disorder, depression, anxiety, fatigue and mild to severe stress. Patients suffering from chronic insomnia, eating disorders like anorexia, movement disorders, vomiting, nausea and migraine will find this cannabis very helpful.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from the Popcorn Kush

Due to its THC content, this marijuana can cause dizziness, headaches, restlessness, and dry mouth. Also expect dry-itchy eyes, fever, and high blood from this hybrid. 

 How to Grow the Popcorn Kush? 

The germination period of this strain is between 03 to 06 days after its planting. For the best growth and yield of this hybrid, it should be grown in a well-lighted place, with good soil, and best weather condition. It does well if grown indoors, however, in some places or situations, it is grown outdoors, which is dependent on the type of soil and weather conditions of the place. Daily watering of the plant strain is recommendable where there is an insufficient supply of water. Monitoring of the plant strain to checkmate the attacks of pest and other herbivorous animals is necessary. In a situation whereby the soil is not fertile enough to give large yield, fertilizer application may be used to improve the growth and yield of this hybrid. Weekly trimming of the flowers is advised. Harvesting starts from 7 to 9 weeks after growing it.


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