Pure Afghan Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
12 - 21%
400 - 600 grams per square meter 
Flowering Period
7 - 8 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Spicy, Mint, Woody, Pine, Sweet

Where To Buy Pure Afghan Marijuana Seeds

Pure Afghan Marijuana Seeds Information

This strain comes from an exclusive landrace from Afghanistan specifically in the region of Mazari Sherif. It is commercially cultivated by DNA Genetics. It gives off deep, narcotic relaxation that is great for recreational use and helpful for medical applications. It releases small to medium round buds that look like popcorn. They’re covered with reddish-brown hairs and white, icy trichomes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Pure Afghan?

The aroma and flavor are both on the similar spectrum of earthy and floral character with hints of pine. It brings happiness and calmness to its users. It also increases creativity and focus so you can have this on a busy day. The ending of its effect will bring so much hunger so better prepare for munchies.

What are the Medical Benefits of Pure Afghan?

It’s a mellow medical aid that is used to conquer low mood, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, and bipolar disorders. It is a provider of relief for those who are suffering from any type of pain and inflammation. It can induce hunger so people who have appetite loss should take this strain. Sleepless nights can be ended by this strain as it is also a remedy for insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pure Afghan

Dry mouth and irritated eyes are common adverse effects and some consumers may experience dizziness but it doesn’t happen often.

How to Grow Pure Afghan?

This strain grows short and stout within outdoor and indoor cultivation. It is a hardy plant so beginners are welcome to raise this plant. It may need trimming due to its structure. Overfeeding and overwatering should be avoided.

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