Purple Wreck

Purple Wreck Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 25%
Flowering Period
8 - 9 weeks
14 to 17 grams per square meter (indoors); 21 or more per plant (outdoors)
Growing Difficulty
Berry, blueberry, grape, fruity, sweet, pine

Where To Buy Purple Wreck Marijuana Seeds

Purple Wreck Marijuana Seeds Information

It is an Indica-dominant strain that has the prowess to impress Cannabis lovers, even the veterans, and the most experienced. It is a hybrid strain from the cross between Trainwreck and Purple Urkle. It is developed by Amsterdam-based breeder, DNA Genetics. But it rose in popularity in different places such as Pacific Northwest, Colorado, California, and Arizona. It’s a perfect strain to end your day, so better consume it in the evening or at night.

This strain proves success to its breeder as it owns traits that are conducive for recreational consumption and medical application. The buds of this weed look like mini Christmas trees. It has leaves like a show stopper as it carries the shade of lavender, violet and olive green. It has nuggets that appear icy and dewy because white, sticky trichomes cover its surface.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Purple Wreck?

It boasts the sweet and fruity flavor of blueberries and grapes that is balanced by earth and pine. You may have a few minutes to enjoy the fruity taste, as it is a creeper that it needs 5 to 15 minutes. It starts with uplifting your emotions and well-being. Senses become so sensitive like it can easily detect resonant sounds and bright lights. The mental stimulation is not too inclined to cerebral stone as the consumers will have the liberty to think on their own.

The therapeutic body high is what everyone desires. The waves of relaxation are distributed to your limbs and core that ends up with numbing sensation.

What are the Medical benefits of Purple Wreck?

The uplifting onset of this strain is useful in dealing with mental disorders like depression and stress. It is an effective stress reliever. The deep body buzz can erase pain and spasm. It has sedative properties that can be the source of quality night’s sleep that can last for hours. In this case, it will get rid of insomnia

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Purple Wreck

The common side effects are dry mouth, and next is mild itchiness felt in the eyes. Anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness can be felt if one can’t handle a high dosage.

How to Grow Purple Wreck?

It’s easy to cultivate this weed that can thrive indoors and outdoors. It welcomes the care of beginners as it won’t be complicated to grow this strain. It is a flexible train as it can be planted in the classic soil or hydroponics. Advanced growers would typically be advised having this indoors as you can control important factors for their growth.

The Screen of Green method suits this plant well. It grows as a short and bushy plant, so you may want to trim it. Taking off a lot of leaves won’t be good for the plants.

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