Red Critical Auto

Red Critical Auto Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
300 to 450 g/m2 indoor; 60 to 350 g/plant outdoor
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
11 to 12 weeks
Warm and dry environment
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Spicy, Flower

Where To Buy Red Critical Auto Marijuana Seeds

Red Critical Auto Marijuana Seeds Information

This fast-flowering hybrid strain is composed of an unidentified Ruderalis and interbreeding of different Critical strains. The creator, BSF Seeds, named this feminized version of Critical Red Critical Auto due to its striking red colors with some purple hints on her buds. This weed is also great for extractions thanks to her heavy coating of resins.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Red Critical Auto?

Savor the delicate flavor of flowers with a hint of spiciness that tickles the tastebuds as the smoke enters the mouth. It also has a sweet undertone that lingers even after you exhale.

Both cerebral and physical high have strong effects. It usually starts heavy on the head with its uplifting and a bit of psychedelic rush. Once the head high subsides, the sedating body buzz will start to settle in and can even lead to a couch-locked state.

What are the Medical Benefits of Red Critical Auto?

The relaxing effect of this magnificent weed can be used to treat body fatigue, muscle spasms, or other disease-related pain. Additionally, its mild uplifting effect can be useful to users coping with depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Red Critical Auto.

Even though the Red Critical Auto may be deemed the perfect strain, it’s not exempted from causing side effects. Overusing this weed may cause dizziness and can sometimes lead to paranoia, mainly when used by anyone with a low tolerance to THC.

How to Grow Red Critical Auto?

Although this particular weed will not require a lot of attention, it would need some kind of support for the weight of its branches. It would also be best to provide a proper measure to avoid infestation and fungal diseases. Breeders are given the option where to cultivate this hybrid strain since it can survive and grow healthy in any setup and medium.

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