Red Haze

Red Haze Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
283 grams per square meter  
Flowering Period
12 – 14 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Lemon, skunk, earthy, nutty, woody, pine

Where To Buy Red Haze Marijuana Seeds

Red Haze Marijuana Seeds Information

With roots going back to the 1970s and worldwide heredity that began in Columbia, Red Haze is a pure sativa strain that brings intense flavors and a sudden host of impacts. Presently developed in Spain by Seedsman, it’s a combination of Colombian Red and Neville’s Haze that might supplant your morning mug of espresso.

What are the flavors and effects of Red Haze?

The flavors of Red Haze are lemon, skunk, nutty, woody, pine, and earthy. While Red Haze is pure sativa completely, you can’t generally hope to get exemplary outcomes with this strong strain. Many do compare it to an espresso substitute, as the vitality you get is cerebral and lifts inventiveness to a gigantic level. Clients note sensations of complete euphoria after only a toke or two of this delicious strain yet don’t hope to hop off the walls for a considerable length of time either. Red Haze includes a smooth reversal that bestows a feeling of apathy. Regardless, you’ll have the option to work pretty regularly. There’s no couch-lock here, however, always keep in mind that nothing can escape the forces of gravity, as the saying goes “What goes up must come down.”

What are the Medical Benefits of Red Haze?

Numerous medicinal patients go to this strain for alleviation from an assortment of conditions, including general pain or ache and mood swings issue. The individuals who battle with headaches, spasms, or even migraines, frequently love to take a toke or two during the beginning of their day, and clients who regularly feel exhausted see Red Haze as a gift from heaven. It is a very relaxing strain that could calm users for the whole day. Depression and constant stress are no counterpart for this amazing bud as it carries you to a euphoric spot of euphoria that won’t before long blur away.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Red Haze

One of the most common side effects in utilizing cannabis are the sensations of mouth and eyes being dried out. In treating this side effect, you must drink a lot of fluids to hydrate your body. If being consumed in an abusive amount would result in slight paranoia and anxiety. Although these occur on rare occasions, it is unavoidable if one tends to underestimate this strain. 

How to Grow Red Haze?

Red Haze sets aside a truly long effort to develop, in some cases, somewhere in the range of 12 and 14 weeks. As a result of this responsibility, business cultivators regularly pick different decisions that will assist them with turning items around more rapidly. That makes this strain hard to discover in dispensaries. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t develop yourself. Specialists, for the most part, reason that it’s modestly hard to develop at home, so getting some additional assistance may be insightful.

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