Remedy Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
6 - 8 weeks
Warm Climate
Growing Difficulty
Herbal, Pine, Peppery

Where To Buy Remedy Marijuana Seeds

Remedy Marijuana Seeds Information

Also widely known as Z7, Remedy is the more empowered version of Cannatonic, Afghan and Skunk. Aside from high CBD content, it smells sweet with an earthy twist. It produces yellow buds embraced and hidden by glistening crystal trichomes. Bred by the CBD crew, it consists of 75% indica genes, with 25% sativa components completing the 100% effects. Its name is undoubtedly a reflection of its medicinal properties. Though created for that purpose, Remedy is also a great recreation strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Remedy?

Remedy offers a sweet citrus taste with a dab of floral and earthy smell reminiscent of pine and wood. While it is a usual impression that strains with low THC can never make you high, Remedy, with its close to none THC of around 1%, can make get you high without the psychedelic effects. The initial effect is mild. It uplifts you as if you are floating until you can feel the happiness seeping in your mind. A warm buzz will flow down your whole body, making it lighter and uplifting you further.

What are the Medical Benefits of Remedy?

With an impressive CBD of 18% and having been bred originally for medicinal uses, it is no surprise that Remedy can cater to a lot of physical and mental discomforts. It has been a trusted strain by people diagnosed with epilepsy and seizure. Regardless of the low THC, the mild euphoric high makes it perfect for anxiety patients without the fear of increased jitters due to its lightness. People with depression, insomnia, and appetite loss can benefit from this strain too aside from those experiencing chronic pain and headaches. It also helps with any redness or inflammation due to its strong anti-inflammatory qualities.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Remedy

Contrary to its medicinal values, Remedy is not notorious when it comes to negative effects due to its mild THC content. But due to its savory scent and aroma, there are times that users can’t help but overindulge. Users cannot escape from having a dry mouth and dry eyes. Mild dizziness and headache have been reported as well. As always, it will never hurt to prepare a glass of water where you will be having your indulging moments.

How to Grow Remedy? Some information and Tips

For better yields, you may use coco fiber or rock wool. Never overwater the plants to avoid stressing them. Soil pH should only be between 6.0 and 7. If pH is low, you may add some lime and wood ash. Using LED lights for lighting is advised. Also, it is difficult to obtain Remedy seeds online, so better obtain clippings for cloning.

In watering, make sure the soil has absorbed the water properly before the next one. Overwatering will drown your plants and promote the growth of molds and milder. If you will be growing it indoors, maintain the warmth of the soil. Soil should have an adequate pH.

Remedy loves a diet of nitrogen, magnesium, and calcium as with other strains but that doesn’t mean it will thank you for overfeeding. During the flowering stage, it loves being sprinkled with phosphorus.
For the growing method, Remedy performs best with either Sea of Green or Screen of Green setup.

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