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Sea of Green Method: The Best Technique for Bigger Yield

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The sea of green method, also known as SOG is to never be mistaken for ScrOG. A principle and technique of cultivating several cheap plants developed early to achieve the highest possible bud growth. Rather than growing a few other plants for just a prolonged amount of duration, several smaller crops are placed in the very same area, which will go in much less time. Therefore less time among both plants is mandated. 

This is essential to you every month, so if your electric power bill is due. One harvest may start, whereas another matures, and constant produce can be retained throughout the year.

The interior grower soon discovers that crops that are too large will not yield too much at the base to allow the use of the extra period of growth. If they began for the first time, the crops would establish what is considered a “black canopy,” which absorbs much of the sunlight at those plants’ top points. Few lights can reach beneath this level because the crops are so tight together.

Big seedlings are easy to choose to have as they would then generate more growth as well as yield, and therefore growing smaller seedlings that mature quicker and load in and out of tiny areas usually is excellent to a cramped room.

Sea of Green Method: The Benefits

So, what advantages does the SOG method offer? It’s often required in a living room where space is small. It allows the maximization of your area without losing output. You would bring more plant species further into a domain if you placed the crops into some kind of flowering period with such a 12/12 lighting routine. A specific plant’s profitability may be lower, but the output accumulative you get would be that.

  1. More Weed and Strong Crop – Generally speaking, SOG farmers do have time limitations. Some types of weed require more about ten weeks and finish their seedlings cycle. You extract more crop production and more plants using the SOG process. Growing marijuana under light pollution requires trying to allow more effective use of the light. That is why you foot the money for electricity, and also because users want to make the best of your crops. 
  2. The higher leaves in which branches put downward pressure mostly on lower parts of this scheme, indicating that there is still a portion of the crop that doesn’t get quite enough light. If you bring the vegetables close by, you build foliage of flowers, which can allow the maximum of your sun. A broad HPS lamp will only provide you with one illumination option, but several HPS growing lights will allow you light source coverage throughout your entire garden.
  3. With vast volumes of clippings from a replicated cannabis plant, this same SOG methodology is particularly useful. It protects you against needing to purchase seeds, as well as making sure your crops are female as well as of good quality. Usually, SOG develops and doesn’t need pruning. However, some farmers prefer tidying up the bottom branches under the foliage. This causes the business to concentrate on this same primary bud and enhances the actual airflow beneath the foliage. You can, however, clone particular clippings to continue the mechanism replicated to have another batch of SOG crops.

Performing the Sea of Green (SOG) Method

You shouldn’t possess any unique expertise to be successful using the SOG process. What you would be able to perform is genuinely consider the definition. The absence of preparation and pollination necessity renders SOG is among the simplest methods to cultivate cannabis.

Here are the Steps for the SOG Method:

  1. Germinate the crops or clippings to develop clones
  2. Expand them use 18–24 hours sufficient sunlight even when they hit an altitude of about 8 to 10 inch (30 to 40 cm)
  3. Place the crops out at roughly 1 through 2 crops per square meter (30 cm through 30 cm) as well as adjust the illumination scheme to 11/11 to induce bloom.
  4. When thick foliage of buds develops, the leaves underneath are cut and used towards cloning them.
  5. Harvest unless necessary.

When cannabis plants are just around 6 inches long, some farmers use light and 12 lighting routines. Similarly, certain growers can more but rather less tightly pack the seeds, according to their preferences. Based on the range and the rising space the specifications will change. Using this template as a basis but make changes for your scenario if appropriate.


Also with their small size and fixed-length cola SOG schemes usually operate well with Indica strains. Sativas can operate but they usually occur excessively “leggy” to operate well with the SOG framework. 

The best way to achieve top Sativa varieties is to change the shaded loop with 12/12 several days previously. Indicas such as Super Skunk, White Widow, and Big Bud are perfect for both the SOG strategy. Unlike Amnesia as well as Super Silver shimmer, Sativa’s are indeed strong choices when covered.

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