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Rocket Seeds is a Canadian seed bank company that boasts of the biggest cannabis seeds collection online.  It is the ultimate online seed bank as it has collected all the best cannabis seeds and strains from top seed banks online.

Rocket Seeds has partnered with top companies Beaver Seeds, Blimburn Seeds, Crop King Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden Seeds, and Sunwest Seeds to give you top quality marijuana seeds. Shop all kinds of seeds including autoflowering, feminized, fast version, high CBD, and regular seeds safely only at Rocket Seeds.

Rocket Seeds serves customers all over the world. It ships seeds inside their original packaging for Canadian customers and using stealth shipment for those located outside Canada. Seeds may be shipped inside objects unrelated to cannabis including flash drives, pens, birthday cards, flashlights, and more.

Ordering from Rocket Seeds is easy as it accepts major payment options including credit cards, money transfers, EMT Interac for Canadian customers, E-checks for US customers, PayPal and Bitcoin. This company also accepts cash in the mail which is not accepted by most seed banks.

Rocket Seeds has specific germination instructions to make the most out of its viable and fresh seeds. it recommends the paper towel technique which is one of the best techniques. If you have questions regarding Rocket Seeds, consult their customer service reps before you purchase your seeds at Rocket Seeds.

Rocket Seeds has some of the best quality seeds money can buy. You can buy cannabis seeds from popular strains including Blue Cookies and Sour Diesel.  If you’re looking for recreational strains or medicinal strains, then look no further than Rocket Seeds.

Get free seeds for your purchases $420 and above. You can also enjoy free shipment for qualified orders no matter where you are in the world.

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