Seraph min

Seraph(Aka: RedWreck) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Average at 1.45 ounces per square feet
Flowering Period
8 to 11 weeks indoors, October outdoors
Cold, humid 
Growing Difficulty
Medium to Tall
sweet, creamy, fruity

Where To Buy Seraph(Aka: RedWreck) Marijuana Seeds

Seraph(Aka: RedWreck) Marijuana Seeds Information

This weed strain from Breeder Choice Organization group is one interesting strain for cannabis smokers especially those who have high tolerance to try. Seraph is also well-recognized by the name RedWreck. This was the victorious result of combining The Wreck and Chitral #1 strains in one bud.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Seraph?

The unusual terpenoids that it had inherited from the Nepalese hashish Charas that also contributed to its smooth creamy flavor and aroma is one strong, valid reason for this bud’s great appeal. However, its traits passed down from its Limonene terpenoids also hook smokers. Inhaling its smoke causes the relaxing, blissful, energizing effects to linger and those flavors and aroma to linger on the palate and nose.

What are the Medical Benefits of Seraph?

It shall become a vital element for the elimination of frequently occurring illnesses that most of the time delay some people from fulfilling their assigned daily duties. This is often used for the healing of stress and anxiety among others that it can alleviate through the good vibes it bring. At the same time, Seraph strain can also bring physical medication to fatigue, back pain, arthritis, and many others, too using its comforting and calming high. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Seraph

This bud strain may bring a cerebral lockout if users do not monitor and maintain their consumption within the right limit only. It may also lead them to having dry eyes or mouth due to dehydration.

How to Grow Seraph? 

This weed strain is an ultimately high yielder. Matured clones of this weed strain especially those that are meant to grow faster and with high level of potency, too, are highly recommended to be used as well.


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