Shooks Rum Kush

Shooks Rum Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17% to 20%
Flowering Period
60 to 70 days
Growing Difficulty
sweet, flowery, berry and sandalwood

Where To Buy Shooks Rum Kush Marijuana Seeds

Shooks Rum Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

Shooks Rum Kush came from White Pakistan Valley, and Black Sugar Berry, its place of origin has a warm environment. Meaning, it can only be grown in its desired climate. No other references made it clear that it can survive weather alterations.

If you’re looking for a potent Sativa and Indica all in one place, then Shooks Rum Kush is the one for you. Not only will it make you feel refreshed, but it will also provide a more relaxed state. Due to this, it is better consumed when no other activities are waiting for you.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Shooks Rum Kush?

Shooks Rum Kush possesses a sweet, flowery, berry and sandalwood flavors. It has a well-balanced high that will make you feel extremely alert that will also promote an increase in appetite. Afterward, the effect will gradually turn into a sedative one, but not before soothing your whole body.

What are the Medical Benefits of Shooks Rum Kush?

Because of its long term relaxing sensation, it can help relieve chronic body pains and slight insomnia. Its Sativa effect will also be an excellent remedy for loss of appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Shooks Rum Kush.

Consuming Shooks Rum Kush in the daytime will prompt problems like inability to focus and the feeling of extreme laziness. But, if you only took it during nighttime, expect bloodshot eyes in the morning.

How to Grow Shooks Rum Kush?

Although Shooks Rum Kush can only be grown in a warmer climate, it has a few good things about it. Its medium size and moderate yield can be perfect for any growing mediums. The cannabis’s high resistance to molds, fungi, diseases, cold and pests makes it even more ideal outdoors. It doesn’t have to be frequently watered, as long as you made a reasonable space from each other.


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