Silver Avalanche

Silver Avalanche Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 23%
1.63 oz. per square feet
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
10 to 11 weeks 
Growing Difficulty
51 inches
sour, hash and flowery

Where To Buy Silver Avalanche Marijuana Seeds

Silver Avalanche Marijuana Seeds Information

Silver Avalanche is an Indica- dominant hybrid strain from Power Seeds and is a result of crossbreeding two notable cannabis strains, which are Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It’s a tremendous experimenting cannabis plant for beginners.

The devastatingly potent effects will alternate the way you see things. The result will not be solely in mind but can be body-shattering. Because of that, moderate use is highly necessary.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Silver Avalanche?

Silver Avalanche contains sour, hash, and flowery flavors. Its impact is almost narcotic that will weaken the whole body that will soon turn into immobilization. The trippy alteration will convert your sadness into pure happiness. Every emotion that you currently have will be altered to its opposite.

What are the Medical Benefits of Silver Avalanche?

The medical benefits are minimal compared to its recreational use since it does not contain CBD levels. Nonetheless, the body effect of Silver Avalanche may be a big help for better relaxation after an eventful and stressful day. It can also promote a comforting slumber. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Silver Avalanche.

The indica strain should not be used by individuals who are prone to panic and anxiety attacks. The psychedelic impact will deliver a devastating result to newbies. Regardless, dizziness is the most typical reaction.

How to Grow Silver Avalanche?

Silver Avalanche is a natural cannabis plant that is suitable for both expert and newbie growers. But, you would have to be very patient since its flowering period can vary from 10 to 11 weeks. Everything is going to be worth the wait since it will come out as healthy as ever.


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