Silver LA min

Silver LA Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 weeks to 9 weeks
Warm and Mediterranean climate
Growing Difficulty
Skunk Pine Spicy

Where To Buy Silver LA Marijuana Seeds

Silver LA Marijuana Seeds Information

Silver LA is a strain created by the DNA Genetics by crossbreeding the Silver Bubble and the LA Confidential.  Dosing with the silver LA is not for newbies, this must be used with caution due to its heavy-headed effect that will keep you asleep after the high succumb you with its punch. Suited only for evening purposes when you are about to retire with your pajamas on or on lazy days where you don’t need to do anything after. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Silver LA?

The relaxing taste of pine, skunky flavors with a kick of herbal spicy are the flavors to expect from the Silver LA. This strain will make you feel aroused, feeling no tense at all in the body, euphorically happy, and satisfied.

What are the Medical Benefits of Silver LA?

Possibly this strain can be added in your stress relievers list of favorite strains to ease up depression, free yourself from worries, and to lower your anxiety. Aside from that, this will alleviate pain from injuries and other chronic as well. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Silver LA?

For negative effects, drying of the eyes and slight eye pressure are common side effects. But with overdosing, the paranoia level will heighten up. 

How to Grow Silver LA?

Luckily for this strain, it is mold resistant, so changes in weather won’t be a big problem. However, it is still essential to prune and remove all dead branches and leaves in order to expose lower nodes to breathe out and distribute nutrients. For indoor cultivation, you can use Sea of Green to maximize the area and to double your yield. 

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