Smelly Cherry Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks 
Indoor/Outdoor Temperate Ambiance
Growing Difficulty
Short or Average
Sweet Candy

Where To Buy Smelly Cherry Marijuana Seeds

Smelly Cherry Marijuana Seeds Information

The successful crossing of Black Rose, Cherry Assassin, and Livers cannabis strains resulted in one extreme weed, which is perfect for unwinding and nighttime enjoyment for leisure users. On the medical side, Smelly Cherry is also remarkable.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Smelly Cherry?

As its name suggests, the scent and flavor of this weed take you to a sweetshop full of sweet candy. 

Whether you are a regular or a novice user of this cannabis, you cannot completely hold out its powerful relaxing effects even though it only has an average amount of THC. It first hits you with ultimate energy, and when it starts to cool down, it makes you want to enjoy a party by the beach.

What are the Medical Benefits of Smelly Cherry?

 These Marijuana nurses in the treatment of inflammation, migraines, nightmares, and insomnia because it makes you feel weary and sleepy, granting you to enjoy a long sleep with a happy vibe. Symptoms of Arthritis cannot withstand the power of this strain as it lessens or eliminates the pain associated with this ailment.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Smelly Cherry

If it is your first time to use this weed, surely, you bed-locked in a matter of fewer than ten minutes. The side effects of this weed have no exception. Even those who are using this weed for decades still experiences the same effect. It makes you sleepy accompanied by dry mouth and dry eyes and, most of the time, dizziness and blurry sight.

How to Grow Smelly Cherry

Home growers usually exert effort to grow this strain for its noteworthy yields. I grow well both indoors and outdoors. Growing this plant is applicable to any size of pots, or growing environments. If it happens to lack nourishment, add vitamins and nutrient boosters. You will then witness plants with beautiful colors after 10 weeks.


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