Sour Tooth min

Sour Tooth Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18% - 28%
High and Heavy
Flowering Period
6 - 10 weeks
Indoors, Outdoors and in a Greenhouse
Growing Difficulty
Blueberry, Diesel, Grapefruit, Lemon

Where To Buy Sour Tooth Marijuana Seeds

Sour Tooth Marijuana Seeds Information

This new strain is a fusion of Sweet Tooth #4 IBL and Sour OG plant. It yields high with a THC level of 18% to 28%, and CBD levels that can reach up to 3%. This is also used for Rick Simpson oil production. It has long dark green leaves which makes it stunning.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sour Tooth?

It has a lemony taste with a fruity kick of grapefruit and blueberry. Its diesel kick with a flowery hint is also evident. With a THC level, this cannabis gives an uplifting mood up to the state of euphoria. It is potent but the relaxing effect can make one creative. A lasting pleasure it gives is also a factor why it is enjoyed by weed fanatics.

What are the medical benefits of Sour Tooth?

This weed has a therapeutic effect to those who are suffering from pain, nausea, and multiple sclerosis. It is a famous medicinal marijuana and is used for treating insomnia and loss of appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sour Tooth

With excessive usage, it can cause dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, anxiety, and headaches.

How to Grow Sour Tooth?

This strain can be grown indoors or in a greenhouse, and has a flowering time from 6 up to 10 weeks. This variety loves to be cultivated in a temperate climate. Growing it in a place with higher latitudes is an advantage. Although the flowering time may take a little bit longer, it will certainly yield high in this condition. An outdoor space is also ideal in cultivating this plant. It can be harvested around mid-September to October, and is not available as feminized seeds.

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