Sourlope Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 22%
369 grams per square meter 
Flowering Period
8 - 9 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Coffee, diesel, mint, pineapple, sweet

Where To Buy Sourlope Marijuana Seeds

Sourlope Marijuana Seeds Information

 Sourlope is a cross between an NYC Diesel and a Cannalope Haze. It is Sativa-dominant, so it has an amazing diesel enhance that raises the state of mind and improves sentiments of stress and gloom. This hybrid is a blend of fruity flavors and is prescribed for daytime use. Its advantages and significant impacts settle on a decent decision in the cannabis community. 

What are the flavors and effects of Sourlope?

The flavors of Sourlope are coffee, diesel, mint, pineapple, and sweet. Sourlope can cause a cheerful feeling. It can assist you with remaining centered, and consequently, it is ideal for daytime use. It can inspire a state of mind; make you feel loose and inventive. Utilizing Sourlope in the first part of the day can assist you with kicking work off at home or at work. Be that as it may, it might cause dizziness, particularly when utilized for the first time.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sourlope?

Sourlope can assist you with combat stress. It can likewise lessen depression and improve fatigue. It can also assist you with overseeing mellow to direct agony, particularly migraine and headaches. All these great therapeutic impacts have made Sourlope a decent strain to use for different ailments. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sourlope

Sourlope can cause dizziness. It is one of the most significant reactions that any user ought to recall. Subsequently, if you intend to utilize Sourlope, make a point to rehearse extra caution. Other symptoms of Sourlope are dry mouth and dry eyes. It can, likewise, cause tension and paranoia. 

How to Grow Sourlope?

Sourlope is reasonably simple to develop. It tends to be developed inside or outside, and you will still get great results. Be that as it may, developing Sourlope inside helps make plants more grounded, more beneficial, and sturdier. You will likewise appreciate this present plant’s medium yield. Furthermore, in view of its great medicinal and therapeutic impacts, growers could discover Sourlope developing and cultivating entirely beneficial.

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