Southern Lights

Southern Lights Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17% to 25% 
539 grams per square meter 
Flowering Period
8 -10 weeks
Warm and dry outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Lemon, sweet, citrus, hash, pungent

Where To Buy Southern Lights Marijuana Seeds

Southern Lights Marijuana Seeds Information

 If you have run over the title White Star and, in the end, got confounded to a great extent, you are not the only one. However, presently, we are at last cleaning a few webs up. In all actuality, the White Star and the Southern Lights are the equivalents. White Star is Southern Light’s previous name. Concerning why its raisers from Delta 9 Labs chose to give its name an overhaul, they do not exactly. What they cannot deny is that this specific strain follows its parentage to Sensi Star and NYC Diesel. Thus, regardless of whether it is a White Star or Southern Lights, the strain makes sure to send your faculties to the stars. 

What are the flavors and effects of Southern Lights?

The flavors of Southern Lights are lemon, sweet, citrus, hash, and pungent. Southern Lights do not waste through whenever before hitting users with its powerful, dynamic impacts. After some solid sensations, like flushing in the cheeks or sentiment of weight around the sanctuaries, users may see that their contemplations have taken on an all the quicker paced and serious quality. Thoughts may spill out of one to the following in a sort of random free affiliation that may not appear to be sensitive to other people who are not correspondingly intoxicated.

What are the Medical Benefits of Southern Lights?

Its cerebral beginning can help those with consideration shortage issue to concentrate on single assignments. The strain’s mellow rapture can likewise briefly remove the edge from certain instances of pressure or depression. Southern Lights can neutralize physical torment as well, calming genuine torment that is because of interminable conditions like malignant growth; its mitigating impacts may likewise diminish basic torments like migraines. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Southern Lights?

The main known symptoms of the strain incorporate dry eyes and mouth. 

How to Grow Southern Lights?

Breeders Delta Labs has made seeds accessible through advanced retailers. The strain can be developed inside or out, although outside progress requires a moist atmosphere with predictable daytime sun and temperatures somewhere in the range of 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sativa-inflected plants will, in general, develop tall and branchy and may require some pruning right off the bat in the vegetative stage.


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