Space Needle

Space Needle Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
16 to 20%
THC Level
CBD Level
1.67 ounces per square foot                       
Flowering Period
56 to 63 days 
Indoor and Outdoor climate 
Growing Difficulty
80 inches
Sweet, Citrus Earthy, Pine, Berry 

Where To Buy Space Needle Marijuana Seeds

Space Needle Marijuana Seeds Information

Space Needle, the landmark strain of Seattle, Washington, is a purely Sativa strain developed by the SOG Farmers in the latter place. A daughter of two famous strains, namely: Vortex and Blue Dream, Space Needle boasts a high amount of THC content. Many called this strain as creativity enhancer, which suits for artists looking for inspiration. 

 Space Needle is the type of strain that gives you much imagination but focused at the same time. You’re inevitably become engaged with this strain, leaving you alert and euphoric at the same time. This strain has a taste of lemon and a punch of the sweetness of a berry. It also gives a pine and earthy aroma that refreshes upon exhaling. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Space Needle?

Space Needle has a great combination of tasty flavors that anyone could savor. The combination of sweet berry, pine and lemon, and the touch of citrus worked together, giving this strain a bunch of flavors that water mouth. Using this strain pushes you to the peak of your creativity level.

What are the medical benefits of the Space Needle?

Space Needle is not only famous in recreation. This strain is widely used for people with eye pressure, depression, fatigue, migraines, stress, and even headaches. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Space Needle?

The adverse of the Space Needle is hunger. Make sure you grab your snack or lunch before using this strain. 

How to Grow Space Needle? Some information and Tips

Space Needle fell on those strains which are easy to grow. However, many growers choose to keep their secret in maintaining it. Since it’s not easy to find its seeds online, if you love to grow, visit a reliable dispensary.


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