Space Queen F3

Space Queen F3 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
3 ounces per foot squared
Flowering Period
8-10 weeks
Temperate, mild climate
Growing Difficulty
80 inches
Spicy, pineapple, orange

Where To Buy Space Queen F3 Marijuana Seeds

Space Queen F3 Marijuana Seeds Information

The Space Queen F3 is a mostly-Sativa potent hybrid that is characterized by its rancid smell of fuel and berries, making it great for a weekend chill. 

The variety by The Seekers of Genetic Wisdom was derived from two phenotypes of the Space Queen F2. The Space Queen F3 is also meant for the more experienced. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Space Queen F3?

The strain tastes like a spicy fruit punch filled with oranges and pineapples. 

The Space Queen F3 is truly potent with its high THC content, and it can give you a quick head rush. You would likely feel giggly and euphoric. Afterward, you would likely feel lazy, hungry, and sleepy. 

What are the medical benefits of Space Queen F3?

The breed is said to help patients clinically diagnosed with depression, severe insomnia, and bipolar disorder. 

Secondary benefits of Space Queen F3 include bringing relief for migraine and joint pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Space Queen F3?

It’s a strong strain, so you might have cough locks when too much of it is consumed. Overconsumption also causes paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness.

Cases of dry eyes, dry mouth, and cottonmouth are also to be expected. 

How to Grow Space Queen F3? 

You may grow the Space Queen F3 indoors, where you may have to provide it with a lamp. Be sure to give it the appropriate hours of light based on its development age in order to gain the right weight and yield. 

Provide it the water of the right pH level. Also, keep it at a moderate temperature. You would notice that the plant has excellent trichome production. 

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