Spice Girl

Spice Girl Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 to 20%
300 g/m2
Flowering Period
6 to 7 weeks
Mild environment
Growing Difficulty
Spice, Citrus and Earth

Where To Buy Spice Girl Marijuana Seeds

Spice Girl Marijuana Seeds Information

The Spice Girl is a hybrid strain that hails from the United States.

The heritage and genetics of this strain is largely unknown. Instead, what we do know is that this strain was introduced by Pro Seed.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Spice Girl?

The hybrid has a distinct flavor of spice in it. The exotic spices are matched with particular tones of citrus flavors. The smoke also has a strong taste of earth to that would leave quite an impression.

The Spice Girl has an energizing and uplifting buzz to it which is awesome for a girl’s night out. The energizing effect is quite mild and is matched with a physical relaxation that is quite soothing.

What are the Medical Benefits of Spice Girl?

Some medical benefits that can be attained from consumption includes easing anxiety, overcoming depression, releasing muscle tension, easing menstrual pain and reducing depressive moods.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Spice Girl?

Common reactions that could happen with taking the strain are the mild cotton mouth and dizziness. You might also get red eyes. Try not to take too much as it may lead to coughlocks and paranoia.

How to Grow Spice Girl? 

The strain is best grown indoors. It may thrive outdoors under a mild climate. If grown indoors, a 400-watt could help the yield gain more weight.

You may also consider pruning it so that you could end up with a few large buds rather than plenty of little ones. You could dial in some plant boosters as these can do wonders for your crop.

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