What is a Spliff: Cannabis Smoking 101


While smoking cannabis can be a fun and effective way to unwind, those occasional pot sessions ask to pay up the top dollar just to have a good time. From purchasing your seeds or ordering fresh herb to find the perfect equipment to smoke with, it can be tough to enjoy yourself without having to splurge like using a spliff. Premium quality pipes, bongs, and other hardware do offer the best experience with your weed but can be impractical since they are not used too often. 

Combining some creativity and resourcefulness, users have come up with affordable and convenient methods to smoke pot that anyone can craft up. Rolling weed has become the most popular way to DIY your puff thanks to how easy and cheap it is along with lots of ways to customize it for yourself. 

What is a Spliff

An emerging trend today on how you can roll up your cannabis is called the spliff, a close relative (or sibling rather) of a joint. There’s been discussion about whether the spliff and joint are the same things and we can tell you this: they are but not exactly. Learn more about the origins and features of the spliff plus how you make one for yourself.

A Joint’s Spitting Image

Background: The spliff is the “European Version” of the Joint. Which came first is not quite clear yet, but they do have a lot in common and it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. If you have tried a joint before, you can see what those similarities and differences are once you get to know the features of a spliff.

Wrap: Spliffs have a thin, light-colored wrap. This could either be a hemp wrap, rice wrap, or from the rolling paper of a tobacco cigarette. There is not much say if flavored wrapping papers were also used, but this can also be an option if you want to throw in some extra flavor that could compliment your puff.

Size: Since cigarette wraps are commonly used to roll spliffs, they measure up to about the same size, ranging between 2 inches to 2.5 inches in length. Joint wraps such as rice and hemp wraps also measure the same size. As compact and lightweight as it is, this makes it easy to carry with you and even roll up on the road. 

Content: It is claimed that spliffs started the practice of combining both tobacco and cannabis in a stick, and it was then picked up by American users. This avoided putting any product to waste, especially if you only have access to cigarette packs. It’s also a win for tobacco smokers, to get both nicotine and THC in their system. So besides that aromatic herb, you get the taste and scent of smoky tobacco to match. Depending on how you ration your weed and tobacco content, one spliff stick can fit less than 1 gram of cannabis alone, an effective way to limit your consumption without having to give up weed completely, especially while you’re on a weed break.

Burn Time: Due to the size of the stick and it’s thin wrapping paper, a spliff can’t last as long as a blunt, which is a lot thicker and longer. Hence, you get the same quick burn as a joint and is best for individual use only. If you’re feeling nice and want to share though, we suggest 2 people with a single spliff to share is more than enough.

Effects: A quick smoke can’t do much for your mind and body, not unless you choose a powerful strain high in THC. However, if you just feel the need to satisfy your craving for the scent and taste of weed, this should do the trick. Desirable effects of relaxation and an uplifting sensation could take a while to sink in, and may not last as long, a good point if you’re out and just need to give yourself a little boost to get the job done.

Do the Spliff: Get Crafty

To create your spliff, you will need the following materials:

  • Joint or Spliff rolling papers such as rice wrap or hemp wrap
  • Cigarettes
  • Dried cannabis flower
  • Grinder
  • Lighter
  • A cup of water


  1. First, crush the weed in a grinder until you get a powdery mix that’s not too fine but just coarse enough to touch.
  2. If you’re using plain rolling papers, lay them flat on a surface. For repacking cigarette sticks, cut the cigarette open along the seam and set aside the tobacco. 
  3. Fill up the wrap with 1 part cannabis grounds and 1 part of tobacco, or add as much as you please. Leave some space at the edge for you to seal it shut.
  4. With some water, lightly dampen the edge of the paper and press it against the opposite edge to seal.
  5. Take your lighter and heat the stick to prepare your concoction. Keep a good distance of the stick from the flame to avoid burning it completely. You only want to bake your spliff.
  6. Now your spliff is ready to light up your night and give you a smokey high. Puff and enjoy it!

Going on the Roll

For new users or those who are trying to figure out where to get their supply, a tight budget could be a major constraint from you to smoking some hot pot in the market. However, the hobby does not have to make you break the bank for it. There are some cheap alternatives to maximize each smoke you get through rolling up your weed. 

A spliff, a close buddy of the joint from Europe hits two birds to get you stoned: mixing both cannabis and tobacco into a cigarette. It’s uncertain as two which one came first, but we can assure you that getting your hands on one is no challenge at all with the help of materials you already have around the house and can easily find in any grocery or supermarket. 


Spliffs are compact, lightweight, and convenient for any lifestyle to have a toke even if you’re on a roll. This little light is a big help for those who just need a taste of weed or wanna soothe themselves real quick over a spliff in a split. So give it a try if you’d like to tease yourself with a subtle high.

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