Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
THC Content
Citrus, tangy, grapefruit, sweet, sugary
Flowering Period
8 weeks
Cool or temperate
500 - 700 grams per square meter
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

This is a popular strain on both Atlantic sides, but it hails from The Netherlands. It was given a name, which is an abbreviation of Anti Mold Strain. It simply means that it is highly resistant to bugs and molds. This breed comes to existence from combining Swiss Indica and Swiss Sativa. It is bred by Green House. 

 It comes in two phenotypes. The one leans on Sativa, and the other phenotype is more of Indica type. The latter has a higher yield than Sativa, and it appears like a robust Christmas tree with the fat and big leaves. 

 What are the Flavor and Effects of A.M.S.?

 It has an intensely sweet aroma of sweet grapefruit. The taste is embodied by the sweet and sugary citrus that leaves a sour aftertaste. The high from this strain is extremely introspective, along with a clear-headed euphoria. It turns smokers focused and motivated. You will let your thoughts dissolved in complete relaxation. 

 What are the Medical Benefits of A.M.S.?

 The relaxing effects of this strain bring relief to pain and aches. Chronic cases can also be treated from the strength of its potency and higher than normal CBD content. It treats chronic stress, ADHD, migraines, and chronic pain that was gained from injury or illnesses.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from A.M.S.

 This strain can give consumers dry eyes, and cottonmouth feels. Dehydration is the solution to these side effects.

 How to grow A.M.S.?

 It can make its growers happy as it gives high yield from both outdoor and indoor cultivation. It grows well with soil medium, and it requires trimming to keep in shape and bounds. It can be grown easily outdoors, but it requires intermediate skills when planted indoors. It will be great if you live in a place where summer is not so hot.