A Little Kushy

A Little Kushy

Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
THC Content
Flowering Period
9 weeks
Low, 20 -25 grams per plant
14 - 20 inches
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

It is an auto-flowering hybrid strain from Freedom of Seeds. It’s a cross between Afghan Kush and Lowryder #2. It grows small buds that are not so dense nor airy. It has a moderate potency though it has a strong hashy taste. It’s three in one as it is partly Indica, Ruderalis, and Sativa. It can be consumed during the day and in the evening.

 What are the Flavor and Effects of A Little Kushy?

 It is known to have a strong hashy taste, so it has its name to present it. It has a strong cerebral high that calms the body but energizes the mind. Consumers will be in an elevated mood after having this strain. But it can activate laziness and put you into couch-lock.

 What are the Medical Benefits of A Little Kushy?

 It is capable of relieving stress and other mental illnesses. It can handle appetite loss and eating disorders, so it can be the medium to regain a healthy diet. It can also lower the degree of pain from migraines, arthritis, and more.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from A Little Kushy

 The common side effects, which are dry mouth and itchy eyes, are also given by this strain. 

 How to grow A Little Kushy?

 This weed thrives indoors and outdoors. When cultivated indoors, CFL or HPS lighting works well with this plant. Most of the auto strains do well outdoors, but it will do well inside as long as your lighting system is great. Seeds can be germinated first in a damp cloth overnight. Autoflowering strain like this one doesn’t need to be in big pots so you can get something around 3 gallons.