Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
THC Content
up to 28%
Spicy, sour, fruity, pine, earthy
Flowering Period
50 - 56 days
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

This is a North American strain developed by Fresh Coat Seed Company. It has a strong potency from the blend of Special Candy Land and Peanut Butter Breath. Novice smokers need to just try a small dose of this. It has a complex taste, and it can be part of medical treatments for some conditions. This weed is best smoked in the evening and at night. 

 What are the Flavor and Effects of ABAZABA?

 It will let your mouth experience a complex flavor that is composed of fruity spice and sourness accented with earthy and pine tones. The euphoric high from this strain is quite good. Creative boost sets in after the high and calming body buzz get across the consumers’ system. They would start to feel the numbness that eliminates negative things.

 What are the Medical Benefits of ABAZABA?

 It’s the capability to set in numbness makes it a pain reliever. Patients can have a moment of peace from the temporary relief it brings. It can also be used to enhance appetite, which will likely guide people with nausea or appetite to have a healthy diet. 

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from ABAZABA?

 It makes smokers dehydrated as they feel dryness on their eyes and mouth. It’s wise to have water or fluids when smoking the strain. Since this is a very potent weed, smokers with low tolerance should stick with a low dose so there will be no pronounced adverse effects. 

 How to grow ABAZABA?

 It is advisable to cultivate this strain indoors and in a greenhouse. You can control the temperature, humidity, air, and light. Growers can control these growth factors easily get, but they should be aware of the sufficient amount that is needed by the plants.