Acid X

Acid X

Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
Indica Dominant
THC Content
Citrus Spicy Grapefruit and Diesel
Flowering Period
8 Weeks to 9 Weeks
Warm and Mediterranean Climate
Medium to high
Medium to tall
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

Acid X is an indica leaning strain created by Pure Michigan Genetics. This strain is a combination of female Acid and the famous male Poison Kush. Acid X buds have shaped like a spade with its forest green nugs with light orange hairs and a layer of thin crystal trichomes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Acid X? 

The Acid X strain has a citrus taste with spicy diesel hints and grapefruit undertones. This strain will push you into a higher euphoria with lots of creative ideas in mind. It can still put you in focus and after the first wave of energy; you’ll drop deeper into meditation before obtaining a happy and peaceful bliss. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Acid X?

It has been proven to be very helpful in treating chronic fatigue, reducing stress, and anti-pain quality to aid in long term pain and common such as migraine and headache, stomach disorder and injuries. This cannabis is also a very beneficial light and severe depression and nausea, as well.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Acid X? 

The usual adverse reaction from consuming this strain is drying of the mouth including eyes. These symptoms may lead to eye pressure, so it is best prevented by using eye drops to keep it hydrated. 

How to Grow Acid X? 

The Acid X can be grown in a different environment, but some growers enjoy this strain under the sun, 11 hours of direct sun is needed to have a healthier bud that can be very good with production.  It also needs basic essential maintenance such as pruning and trimming.