Agent Frank

Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
THC Content
sweet, berry, earthy, woody, spicy
Flowering Period
9 – 10 weeks 
Hot and tropical
397 grams per square meter 
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

A flint Frankenberry cross, which is strawberry cough x northern lights # 5, and TGA genetic orange agent. This balanced hybrid gives both a wonderful impact on the body and mind, has an almost identical terp profile of nl5 with an overtone of tangerine. Very good overall pressure, and both parents upgrade. 

What are the flavors and effects of Agent Frank?

The flavors of Agent Frank are sweet, berry, earthy, woody, and spicy. There will be a gap in noticing the impact, not a fast-acting pressure since they will slowly settle on you. Agent Frank will give you a feeling of peace and joy and will make you feel good of a trail of upbeat thoughts. Through most of the high, you can feel a healthy increase in energy, and this sativa will make you want to jump out of your seat and do things.

What are the Medical Benefits of Agent Frank?

It has significant concentrate-inducing qualities and is therefore strongly recommended for those with ADD and ADHD and other mental health issues. Depression is well handled with Agent Frank, as meditation and happier thoughts can be encouraged. The same applies to anxiety and PTSD–Agent Frank is able to control these brain chemicals in a more beneficial way of thinking.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Agent Frank

Perhaps a mild headache can be found with Agent Frank, in some rare instances. A little dizziness can accompany this, which may lead to a feeling of anxiety, although this is a very rare occurrence in this sativa.

How to Grow Agent Frank?

This crop of medium height is fairly easy to grow. It flourishes outdoors in a tropical and hot environment. Agent Frank likes a lot of suns, so accept doing it in a greenhouse if you intend to grow this strain indoors. It is immune to most widely known pests and molds, making even aspiring growers an easy strain to grow.