Blue Trainwreck

  • Type
  • Flowering Period
    49-63 DAYS
  • Climate
  • Yield
  • Flavors
    Earthy and sour
  • THC Content
    15% to 19%
  • Height
  • Growing Difficulty

Strain Information

Blue Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a mix of strains – Blueberry and Trainwreck. This is also known as Blue Train, Blueberry Trainwreck, and Blue Wreck. This is loved for its enjoyable mix of effects and flavors. This has a THC level of 15%-19% which is high. CBD level is 1%.

It shows its trichome-laden shaped like a spade bud that has a color of emerald green with amber hairs on it. This has a sweet blueberry smell. It has a pungent earthy flavor that makes the user energized and focused. Use this strain to uplift mood and fight fatigue.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Trainwreck?

This strain has packed with rich flavors and effects. It has a fresh and fruity taste that has a mix of an earthy and slightly sour taste. Blue Trainwreck makes you relaxed and happy at the same time; it makes you hungry.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blue Trainwreck?

Blue Trainwreck is used to cure loss of appetite, ADD/ADHD symptoms, anxiety, and chronic stress and headache. This is a great strain for medicinal use.
Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blue Trainwreck
One of the downside effects of this strain is that it makes you super hungry. Aside from causing dry mouth and dry eyes, it also makes you feel a bit dizzy as well.

How to Grow Blue Trainwreck?

This is easy to grow the plant, but it is best cultivated by a seasoned grower. It creates a thick and solidified cola with wonderful side branches. Pay attention to this when cultivating it so that it may yield well.

Brand Information