Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

  • Type
  • Flowering Period
    8 weeks
  • Climate
    Temperate outdoor
  • Yield
    10 ounces per square meter
  • Flavors
    Sweet, tea, coffee, lavender, and blueberry
  • THC Content
    18% to 22%
  • Height
    Short at 1 to 2 feet indoors and Tall at 6 to 9 feet outdoors
  • Growing Difficulty

Strain Information

This evenly balanced hybrid is more commonly known as the Blueberry Thai. It was created by DJ Short in the Bay Area by crossing the Purple Thai and Afghani strains. The nugs of this strain are clustered together to form an elongated formation. The leaves are covered with red hair and a thick layer of milky white trichomes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Velvet?

An offspring of two favorites, the Blue Velvet has a lot to offer. It boasts of an aromatic and flavor profile that is tantalizing and delightful : blueberries, sweet and lavender. Hints of coffee or tea accompany this already delicious combination.

The effects of this strain is a punch straight to the head that offers a heightened cerebral focus. It allows creativity, motivation, and free thoughts to flow freely, making people more sociable than they usually are. As the high builds up, you will start to fall into a relaxing state that leaves you somewhat lazy and unmotivated. The polar opposite of the initial high.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Blue Velvet?

Patients who are struggling to manage chronic fatigue will find this strain especially helpful. Its initial effects will provide them with the energy that they seem to lack. And since this strain is also an appetite stimulant at its core, it also helps with providing these patients with their needed nutrition.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blue Velvet?

People who suffer from anxiety disorders are not recommended to smoke this strain because of its fast-hitting punch to the head. The Blue Velvet can easily agitate any pre-existing conditions.

How to Grow Blue Velvet?

The Blue Velvet plant is a gift for all growers who are interested in joining the cannabis community. It is a hardy plant that does not require much attention. As long as it is provided with the right amount of humidity, ventilation, temperature, and regular topping, this plant can produce a high amount of yield.

Brand Information