Blueberry Cookies

  • Type
  • Flowering Period
    7 to 9 weeks
  • Climate
    Sunny and dry
  • Yield
    450 to 800 g/m2
  • Flavors
    Berry, Nutty, and Mint
  • THC Content
    17 to 22%
  • Height
    >5 m
  • Growing Difficulty

Strain Information

Blueberry Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid produced by mixing Blueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies). This strain grabs a bizarre essence is a blend of roasted kernels, mint, and sweet blueberries, while the scent sprouts a more natural, berry-forward fragrance. This Girl Scout Cookies combined with Blueberry Tahoe scents like fresh-baked wafers covered with a blueberry spread. The odor is distinct while pure and strengthens through-out smoking.

Blueberry Cookies manages to light sessions with moderate narcotic impacts that are unwinding without being feeling heavy. Sentiments often described this strain as exciting and euphoric.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blueberry Cookies?

This strain’s fragrance is exuberating by a natural berry hint that is intensified by an earthy and lemon flavor. The high of Blueberry Cookie is each refine and one of a favorite taste, with definite effects that are quite fitted for an indica enthusiast. The high springs with a relaxing warming body feeling that sneaks up on you while expanding its calming smoke. A mental boost will follow that provides you an improvement in innovative thinking without creating stress or anxiety or adjusting your energy levels. As your creativity rises, you will begin to shift into a state of couch-lock without too many sedative sensations.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blueberry Cookies?

Blueberry Cookies is considerably a type of recreational cannabis. With its great content of THC and up to 1% CBD, this holds notable medical advantages. Its euphoric effects, for example, lessens stress, improves the mood, and soars the senses. It eliminates the strong mental distress connected with deadlines and tasks at work. The long relaxation finally calms you to rest and peaceful slumber. With its sedating properties, it improves the condition and amount of sleep, so one naps off in the night without waking up. Blueberry Cookies is often suggested for battling chronic pain, mental pressure, and inflammation.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Blueberry Cookies?

Blueberry Cookies, just like other strain, may give you a dry mouth, dry eyes, and slight paranoia. By any chance that this happens, it is usually a result of taking too much of this strain. In some instances, sessions may let you feel a little anxious or even have a slight headache.How to Grow Blueberry Cookies?

Blueberry Cookies is a firm plant with excellent defense to several blocks in the growing. Circumstances like low temperatures and high moisture. This strain has a solid structure and buds that do not snap off quickly at the sway of its thick buds or the easy swing of a breeze. Height control should be a preference when growing Blueberry Cookies indoors. This strain may turn up to more than 5 feet tall. Trimming will retain it compact and manageable. This will also promote the expansion of many budding sections that will increase yields.

Brand Information