• Type
    Indica Dominant
  • Flowering Period
    9 to 11 weeks
  • Climate
    Warm and slightly arid environment
  • Yield
    100 to 250 g/m2
  • Flavors
    Fruity, Creamy and Cheese
  • THC Content
    24 to 26%
  • Height
    >2 m
  • Growing Difficulty

Strain Information

Dreamcatcher is a cross of Stardawg and Blue Dream that makes this variant shine. This strain is a mix of Blue Chronic and Blueberry/Black Domina. 

Fluffy nugs are mint and purple and feature vivid orange pistils together with a thick layer of trichomes. Dreamcatcher’s main aim is to get you to an ecstatic state of recreation. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dreamcatcher? 

This strain will mirror fruit, herbs, earth, and spicy cheese, while others note a very sweet blueberry aftertaste. Eventually, a full-blown lounge lock may go into influence, giving you ready for a good night of sleep. You will discover aromas and flavors that could differ. Tasks like washing the plates after dinner display a breeze, yet before long, you’ll start to feel mentally hazy and sleepy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dreamcatcher?

After enjoying this strain, a strong urge to eat tends to creep in, making it a perfect choice for those who disregard interest in eating. This strain also tends to dismiss depression, stress, anxiety, and poor appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Dreamcatcher? 

Dreamcatcher is related to most strains that influence the production of saliva. Dry eyes and dry mouth may be felt as you enjoy this strain. Consume a lot of water throughout the day.

How to Grow Dreamcatcher?

You may choose to grow this plant, both indoor and outdoor. This strain’s flowering periods can reach between 9 and 11 weeks. Growers with minimum measures of space in their area should be aware that fully developed plants can still get pretty tall, so be certain you plan for that ahead of time.



Brand Information