Golden Girl

Golden Girl

Strain ratings
Strain Overview
Seed Type
THC Content
25 to 28%
Fruity, Sweet, Skunk, Lime, and Earthy
Flowering Period
9 to 10 weeks
Slightly warm and dry environment
Medium to Tall
Growing Difficulty
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Strain Information

This shining beauty was a spawn of a Colombian Gold and the ever famous Girl Scout Cookies. It was breed and produced by Theraplant in the hopes of creating a weed with high potency and medicinal attributes. This weed is also referred to as Daybrid in the medical market. 

The fantastic colors of this cannabis are what sets her apart, the light green almost neon buds display some purple hints, and the light purple fan leaves decorated with burnt orange hairs, a pure delight in everyone’s eyes. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Golden Girl?

For a weed that is so powerful, her taste is so delicate and balanced that one can’t get enough with one puff. The intense earthy flavor is paired with fruity and sweet notes, some cookie flavors from its genetics, and a skunk and lime aftertaste. 

This marijuana will blow your mind; as you take the first hit, the cerebral rush will lift you to the top floor, until it pulls you down to a sedative state leaving you couch-locked. The type of high that you’ll experience is somewhat borderline creativity but with no mobility. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Golden Girl?

The Golden Girl will put it’s users to a maximum relaxation that best fits individuals who are experiencing acute pain, nausea, inflammation, muscle cramps, fatigue, and chronic stress. Additionally, this strain can help in the regulation of mood and sleep.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Golden Girl.

With great power comes with great responsibility, so take caution when using this strain as it can trigger paranoia and anxiety that beginners might have difficulty dealing with. It is normal to feel a mild headache before the high settle in, and users can get dry mouth and eyes from using this marijuana.

How to Grow Golden Girl? 

Growing this weed may be done either outdoors or indoors, and whether in soil or hydroponic gardening. It is best to apply the Sea of Green technique with this weed to maximize its production.