Gorilla Glue XL

Gorilla Glue XL


Strain Information

This strain is powerful both in terpene profile and potency. It has a magnificent smell and taste and the high THC is composed of assorted 100 isomers that are usually found in Cannabis. The effects are long-lasting so you are given enough time to enjoy it. The cultivation of this weed comes with great ease. It is created by utilizing Gorilla Glue #4 genetics. It’s an Indica hybrid strain bred by DutchFem. You can smoke this weed with a nice scent for recreation and medication as it works well in both ways.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Gorilla Glue XL?

It has a sweet and spicy flavor. It can get you extremely stoned. It would start with cerebral high first which can make you feel good. Then you will be in hazy thoughts when physical buzz gets into your system. You will love the relaxing sensation as tension from your body is being released.

What are the Medical Benefits of Gorilla Glue XL?

The aroma of this weed is suitable for medical applications. It can treat the tumultuous symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and other mental issues. It eradicates pain or aches that are deep-seated and persistent. It makes you fall asleep with ease so you can use it to eliminate insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Gorilla Glue XL

Cottonmouth and bloodshot, itchy eyes are common adverse effects. Just drink a lot of water to reverse them.

How to grow Gorilla Glue XL?

It only needs minimal maintenance and attention. Its medium-height makes it convenient for indoor cultivation. Plants won’t cast their shadow on each other. 

Brand Information