Gouda’s Glory

Gouda’s Glory


Strain Information

This amazing strain is an offspring of Dutch Cheese x Northern Lights. It has dark-green buds, rust-orange pistils, a moderate amount of trichomes, and a very dense overall structure. Nit just because of its cheesy aroma, this strain is also considered to be one of the most powerful strains today. It gathered awards in Cannabis Cup. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Gouda’s Glory?

Since this strain is high in Indica properties, the effects are the typical relaxation and calming results. The body and mind would be both in the calming state after one to two puffs of this strain. The user will feel couch-locked, so it is more advisable to use it during late afternoon and nighttime. Smoking this weed is like eating a cheesy pizza with a skunky trace in the end. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Gouda’s Glory?

Patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses will find help from using this strain. The body and mind will be able to relax from the state that it could induce a good night’s sleep. Patients who are dealing with mental issues like depression, anxiety, and stress will find this strain beneficial. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Gouda’s Glory

Slight dizziness, dry mouth, and dry eyes are just some of the most common negative effects of this strain. 

How to Grow Gouda’s Glory? 

This strain is also known for its robust feature, so it will certainly grow well under the SCRoG technique. If cultivated indoor, make sure to copy the temperature level as well as the humidity just like outdoors.

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