Grape Afghan Kush


Strain Information

Offspring of Grape 48 x Afghan Kush, this strain had already made its name around the cannabis world. Both users and cultivators are very much fascinated with its look and components. It has jade-colored, fat buds with speckled of white hairs. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grape Afghan Kush?

There are strains such as this one that is perfect for daytime usage. Due to its sativa component, it could make the user feel more energetic and alert. The effect could start after two to three puffs. The effect starts in the head down to the lower part of the body. This weed is ideal for those who are into their deadlines and projects. It has a berry aftertaste.

What are the Medical Benefits of Grape Afghan Kush?

It could help patients who have cancer. It could provide them relief from the pain and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Patients with chronic illnesses could also benefit from using this strain. It will help them feel more relaxed and could induce a good night’s sleep. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Grape Afghan Kush

Dry eyes and dry mouth are the two most common side effects which users could experience from using this strain. 

How to Grow Grape Afghan Kush? 

Choosing the perfect kind of soil as a medium, as well as an organic fertilizer, would help the seed develop right. This strain will not require you any complicated supplies or maintenance. Indoor, just make sure to deliver the right level of humidity and temperature. Outdoors, see to it that it will be planted on a location free from any pests and rabbits.

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