Grape Dog V.2

  • Type:
  • Flowering Period:
    70 days
  • Climate:
    Warm and slightly arid environment
  • Yield:
  • Flavors:
    Berry, earthy
  • THC Content:
  • Height:
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

Due to its delightful taste and properties, this strain is very much preferred by both users and cultivators worldwide. It is the cross result of Grape Dog x Grape Stomper BX2. This strain has a deep jade color with orange and silver hair. It also gathered a few awards in Cannabis Cup. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grape Dog V.2?

Users love their berry taste. This strain could help make the user get the relaxation he needs after a long day. It could induce a good night’s sleep, as well. This strain is ideal for late afternoon and evening use only. It could make the user a couch-locked. It could also help ease troubled minds in no time at all. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Grape Dog V.2?

There are different kinds of mental issues that could be benefited from using this strain. Depression and anxiety are just some of those issues which this strain could manage. Patients with conditions like migraine, insomnia, and even those with fatigue could benefit from this weed. It could help calm their nerves and muscles. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Grape Dog V.2

It could cause some side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth.

How to Grow Grape Dog V.2? 

Planning to plant this weed indoors, make sure that it has the right grow room. It should have enough space for the plant to grow well. You should also provide the right level of temperature to ensure its moisture, especially during wintertime. Always check the location of the plant to ensure there are no pests around.

Brand Information