Grape Dream


Strain Information

Offspring of Granddaddy Purps and Blue Dream, this strain is very much preferred by most users and cultivators due to its amazing appearance and properties. It has green buds with sapphire as well as amethyst undercurrents underneath yellowish-brown hairs. It has also been awarded for its wax component in Emerald Cup.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grape Dream?

You will enjoy its sweet berry taste. With its sedative properties, the user will feel more relaxed just right after two puffs of this weed. It will start from the temple down to his legs. This strain is ideal for night time use, especially for those who wish to get a good rest. 

What are the Medical Benefits of the Grape Dream?

This strain is also beneficial for patients who are suffering from mental issues like anxiety, stress, and even depression. Since this strain has anti-inflammatory properties, it could help deal with common body aches. This weed could also help people get a good night’s sleep as well. It could additionally give the calmness of the mind for those who are dealing with worries and problems. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Grape Dream

Dry eyes and dry mouth are the two most common side effects of this strain. 

How to Grow Grape Dream? 

This strain could flourish in both indoors and outdoors. It is important to give the right care and maintenance to get the best yield. Indoors, make sure to set up an artificial fan to stabilize the humidity and temperature level. Outdoors, check the location for any pests and other issues that could harm the plant. Set up the right trimming method as needed, especially during the flowering period. This will ensure its growth right development.

Brand Information