Grape LA


Strain Information

The Grape LA is a got her beautiful and powerful features from her parents, the direct descendant of Grapefruit ad LA confidential. This weed was bred and founded by DNA Genetics Seeds. Their central vision is to create a strain that is packed with potency but has a shorter flowering period, and this marijuana exceeded their expectations. The fantastic appearance of this cannabis leaves a lasting first impression. The thick girth boasts of short lime green fan leaves, and the pale green nugs are complimented with bright orange hairs that stand out. You will notice a nice frost coating of the clear trichomes that add sparkle to her glamour. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grape LA?

The flavors of the Grape LA is a game-changer in most grape varieties, as it doesn’t have any grape flavor in it. This hybrid strain possesses sweet, warm tropical fruits and earthy flavor that instantly takes over your tastebuds. As you savor the awesome base flavors, a smooth undertone of exotic spice and rich coffees will begin to dominate the initial flavors leaving you constantly licking your lips. This weed has an induce dominance in its genetics, but her real beauty shines as she provides a balanced effect. At the start of the high, users will feel an apparent cerebral effect with sensations that can be felt behind the eyes and flows all over your head. This euphoria lasts for quite some time until you reach the second stage of its high. You can experience confusion and somehow sedated as a pulsating body buzz spread all over the body. Overall, you will feel a calm and relaxed body high, almost couch-locked, but with an uplifted as a peaceful state of mind. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Grape LA?

Due to the potency of this hybrid strain, it may be too overwhelming to new patients or individuals who are used to commercial strains; please take caution with your dosage intake. Individuals who are having trouble sleeping can be benefited this marijuana. It is also a great weed to use in combating chronic pain, headaches, inflammation, migraines, and arthritis. Some users even choose to use this cannabis to help them regulate their mood, depression, or anxiety. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Grape LA.

Since the beginning of this cannabis’ high us dense on the head, some users can find themselves a bit dizzy but said the downside is temporary. Most of the experienced users get the typical cloudmouth from smoking this pot; some may also get bloodshot eyes. New patients and beginners alike are said to be prone to experiencing anxiety, an increase in heart rate, or to some extent, paranoia. 

How to Grow Grape LA? 

Growing this baby is very easy and will surely be loved by all breeders. She will reward you with plenty of crops, but to fully maximize her great production, it is highly advised to have a go at hydroponic set up with a controlled environment, but it can still thrive in any form of cultivation. She prefers the cold, but at the same time forgiving, this weed would not require any support or stake as her structure can handle those dense buds with ease.

Brand Information