Grape Punch


Strain Information

When Elev8 Seeds set up a blind date between the Grape Slushie and the beautiful Purple Punch, it gave birth to a beautiful baby called Grape Punch. She is very popular in the purple department having an impressive set of colors. This weed has a puffy popcorn shape light to mint green nugs with beautiful purple hues, mostly at the tips. The amber hairs sprouting everywhere, and a heavy frosty coating of white trichomes accentuates her total appearance. Thanks to its great genetics, she is gifted with crazy frostings! This weed seems to be a staple in the dispensaries in Colorado. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grape Punch?

Even before you light your bong, the aroma will instantly fill up your nose with a warm earthy scent with spicy berry hints. As soon as you inhale the cloud of smoke, a dominant grape flavor will begin to occupy your tongue but with some spicy undertones that make it taste so classy! The moment you breathe out the smoke, a wild fresh berry flavor will try to win over the grape taste.  While you were savoring the flavors upon exhale, a hard-hitting cerebral rush will instantly slap you. The effect is heavy on the head, but it is a clear euphoria that will give the giggles and the laughs. Be the life of the party as this weed can make you very friendly and chatty with a happy disposition. While the high is mostly uplifting, it can also provide a light relaxing body effect that completes the tremendous high package of the chill body with a focused and clear mind. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Grape Punch?

Since this weed provides a focused mind, it is best to use by people who need to regulate learning or those with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders. It can also help patients ease chronic pain, injury, muscle spasm, inflammation, or arthritis. This is also a great mood uplifter that can benefit those with bipolar disorder, depression, and those with mood swings.  

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Grape Punch.

The Grape punch may offer a lot of medicinal benefits, but it can also provide few and mild negative effects to its users. As in most downside of using cannabis is dry mouth and dry eyes, and this weed is no exception, best to drink water before taking this weed and use eye drops after that. Some patients report dizziness after its consumption, but such a feeling does not last long. Since the THC of this strain does not reach over 20%, it is very unlikely to feel paranoid, however for newbies or those who have very low tolerance, paranoia is possible when taken in a higher dose. 

How to Grow Grape Punch? 

Anyone in any skill level of breeding cannabis can cultivate this weed. This is a forgiving plant that can thrive indoors or outdoors. For the best result, make sure to apply training and techniques early on, and feeding should be done slowly. Start with at least a quarter to half of the suggested portion of nutrients then work your way up until maturity.

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