Grapefruit x Bubblegum Autoflowering

  • Type:
  • Flowering Period:
    11 weeks
  • Climate:
    Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
  • Yield:
    40 - 200 grams
  • Flavors:
    Fresh, sweet
  • THC Content:
  • Height:
  • Growing Difficulty:

Strain Information

It was formed by a three-way cross facilitated by Growers Choice. As it is shown on its name, Grapefruit and Bubblegum constitute its profile. To make it an auto strain, a Ruderalis strain joined to complete the trio. Grapefruit has a powerful high that is useful in medical applications. Bubblegum is an award-winning strain that has been popular since the ‘90s due to its Indica strength. It is an auto-flowering strain that can provide quality products even though it matures quickly. You can smoke this weed with fresh and sweet taste at any time of the day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grapefruit x Bubblegum Autoflowering?

Puffing this would let you get a fresh taste and the sweet aftertaste will tickle your taste buds. The euphoric feeling goes with a good amount of energy. You will tend to be talkative and sociable. When the Indica laziness sets in, you will feel relieved despite any unwanted feelings.

What are the Medical Benefits of Grapefruit x Bubblegum Autoflowering?

It can make you fall asleep with ease so it can defeat stubborn insomnia. It tames the turbulent emotions from mental ailments like depression, mood swings, stress, and anxiety. It can dispel any type of pain whether it’s just temporary or comes from tom time.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Grapefruit x Bubblegum Autoflowering

Dry mouth and red, irritated eyes are the usual side effects so better drink a lot of water. 

How to grow Grapefruit x Bubblegum Autoflowering?

It can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. It won’t take much space as it is a compact plant. You can do trimming to let it reach its full potential. 

Brand Information