Green AK XL


Strain Information

This hybrid strain is an assorted creation of different landraces such as Afghan, Columbian, Mexican, and Thai. It also contains the genetics of AK-47. This strain is the updated version of the classic strain by Zambesa Seeds. It has more chance of homogeneity, and it can maximize production. Another reason that makes it a wonderful strain is that it has a clear, uplifting high. It can also release heavy Indica effects. The aroma of this weed can be complex, but it’s the enticing part. You can get the whiff of pine, spice, and fruits. It develops strong branches so it can support the weight of its buds well.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Green AK XL?

The scent is the same as the flavor of spicy, fruity, and piney. The clear Sativa promotes uplifting and brightening of the mind. As the clock goes tick-tock, a relaxing physical sensation can be felt.

What are the Medical Benefits of Green AK XL?

It appeases the tumultuous symptoms of mental conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. It can fight nausea and appetite loss, so no eating disorders bother you. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soother affected body parts.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Green AK XL

Dry, itchy eyes and dry mouth are the usual adverse effects.

How to grow Green AK XL?

It’s both suitable for SOG and SCROG methods. It has a high possibility of homogeneity. Growers should see to it that the plants are in good condition, so it requires adequate attention. It thrives in both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Brand Information